Overview: Hue – An Creative Indie Puzzler That's A Few Shades Away From Greatness

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Hue and Cry.

Probably the most terrifying rationalization of blindness is that you just don’t see countless blackness; it’s been described as seeing nothing. If black and white are nonetheless colors on the seen spectrum, if these colors are nonetheless seen by gentle bouncing off our retinas, then to see nothing means these could be absent. No fixed black, no fixed white, you simply see nothing. It’s a hauntingly actual but inconceivable side of human life.

In Hue, your world begins with the fundamental colors: black and white. As you plop alongside the flat streets of your village, you may simply make out the distinction between the sunshine and darkish. There’s depth; there’s a plausible world. You may nonetheless see, however for some, it’s not sufficient.

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