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Hello everybody! Final week we shared half one in every of The Sinking Metropolis hero origin story and we heard you appreciated it. Should you missed it, you’ll be able to nonetheless learn it right here.

In The Sinking Metropolis, you play as Charles Reed, a 1920s non-public investigator tortured by his previous and looking for to salvation whereas exploring an odd flooded metropolis. We lastly may make sense of Charles’s scattered notes, so with out additional ado, please benefit from the second a part of our The Sinking Metropolis quick origin story!

Journal of Charles W. Reed, 1918

Chapter Two

It occurred once more final evening. I awoke subsequent to this flooded slender gap within the floor, 100 meters away from the usCyclops particles… and the decaying our bodies of my associates. Judging by the filth below my nails, I attempted to dig my approach into it. What’s so essential down there, I ponder?

That gap was the very first thing I noticed after I used to be washed ashore this god-forsaken island. I believe it’s been two weeks, and I haven’t seen a single soul since then, effectively, dwelling soul anyway. I buried a few of my crewmates, those I managed to hold to their improvised graves anyway… I haven’t eaten something apart from the rotten shellfish I discovered on the seashore after I awoke. I can barely transfer, however surprisingly sufficient, it looks like I magically achieve lots of energy at evening if I’m capable of sleepwalk all the way in which throughout the island from my cozy cave to that stinking pit.

That gap just isn’t the one foul factor right here. This entire place smells like dying, there’s one thing within the air that I can not escape. I carry the gun I discovered on one of many our bodies, however despite the fact that there are bullets within the clip, I’ve no use for it. It’s not like I can go looking for meals. The entire place is useless.

The SInking CityThe SInking City

It’s been three extra days. I’m fairly determined. Need to do one thing, as a result of in any other case I’ll simply starve to dying. I’m entering into that gap. What’s the purpose of being a Navy diver if I can’t dive in a gap within the floor?

I crawled into the pit. The water was lukewarm and thick like blood or oil. I held my breath and dived, making an attempt to push my physique down as quick as I may. Who is aware of how deep that is, however I don’t suppose I’ll die right here. I survived the shipwreck, ended up on this island, with this gap calling out to my sleeping self. It’s all taking place for a cause, and I doubt that cause is for me to drown on this cesspool. Wouldn’t be poetic.

Once I lastly reached the underside, I noticed a glimpse of sunshine forward. I rushed towards it, and emerged into what appeared to be an underground cave. Attempting to catch my breath, I regarded round. One thing caught my consideration, the identical unnatural ruins that I noticed in my goals on the Cyclops. Now that I can see them clearly, they seems to be like some form of a lair, with two diagonal rocks going through one another. I wish to contact them.

Agonizing ache shot by way of my palm the second I land it on one of many rocks. They lit up, emitting unusual glowing into the air, yellowish marks began to seem on them. They appeared like a gate to a different dimension, it was like somebody or one thing was about to return by way of it. I regarded up and all of the sudden noticed the skies – was I not in a cave this entire time?

I caught a glimpse of a slimy black worm burrowing into my hand. I attempted to shake it off, nevertheless it was gone in a second. Sudden readability stumbled on me, I used to be on my knees staring on the gates, lastly I noticed an infinite shadow in it… No, there was nothing.

The SInking CityThe SInking City

“Wake him up!” a voice penetrated the silence, their arms have been shaking my stressed physique. Once I opened my eyes I noticed a couple of males standing round me, army, judging by their uniforms. After they have been carrying me to their boat, I regarded round. I noticed a darkish silhouette, pointing within the course of the flooded gap. I knew I used to be the one one who noticed it. “It’s okay”, I assumed. “I know what I saw. I know there’s something out there, and I will find it”.

“Sir”, I mentioned and one of many troopers checked out me. “Get the bodies on the beach, please! Their families must learn what happened to them”.

“Bodies?” he requested trying puzzled.

“Bodies” I repeated all of the sudden changing into irritated. “You must have seen the debris of my ship, and the rotting corpses too. Ring a bell?”

“Look, pal, I have no idea what you are on about. There’s no bodies here, no debris, no nothing. You seeing things or something?” 

The tip. Effectively, the top of that story, which marks the start of The Sinking Metropolis, our journey and investigation recreation impressed by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Play as Charles W. Reed, non-public investigator, to uncover the reality of what possesses the half-submerged metropolis of Oakmont, proper now on Xbox One!

The Sinking Metropolis is offered now on the Microsoft Retailer for Xbox One. Click on right here for buy particulars.

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