Evaluate: Bubsy: Paws On Fireplace! – How Many Lives Does This Bobcat Have?

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Paws for loading.

“Bubsy’s again!” Whereas that phrase would possibly strike worry into your very soul, there should be a good quantity of readers with at the very least a residue of affection for the orange bobcat. Bubsy the Bobcat hails from the age of mascot platformers that has come again into vogue with the present wave of ’90s nostalgia, and he by some means stays within the collective consciousness when arguably extra deserving characters like Glover and Sparkster have fallen by the wayside. Regardless of showing in video games that ought to have ended his profession, Bubsy’s apparently utilizing each one in all his 9 lives to claw his manner again into the limelight.

His newest outing is not a 3D platformer, although. Bubsy: Paws On Fireplace! is an auto-runner, a platforming variant that seems like the absolute best venue for Bubsy in 2019. We can’t beat concerning the bush – it isn’t good by any means – however given the pedigree of the developer and the low expectations set by the primary character, it’s not unhealthy both, and comfortably ranks within the higher echelons of the bobcat’s again catalogue.

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