Gallery: You Know, It is Most likely For The Finest That We Do not Reside Close to A Kirby Cafe

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We would begin to resemble the little man.

This is not the primary bunch of menu gadgets from one in every of Japan’s pop-up cafes that we have laid our eyes on, and it definitely will not be the final, however this newest collection of cute Kirby delicacies has us questioning if there’s not some kind of loophole we may use to get Simply Eat to ship these treats to our door.

As noticed by GoNintendo, Kirby Cafe Hakata is reopening in November and it has up to date its web site with a preview of all the assorted Kirby-based foodstuffs fortunate diners can tuck into in simply over a month’s time. Some we have seen earlier than, others are fully new or supply variations on previous dishes. Let’s peruse a number of the highlights…

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